Information for Working Campers @ KOA

This page contains information that may be of use to individuals and couples interested in work camping at KOA (Kampgrounds of America). The information provided here is an outgrowth of the Facebook group, Working Campers @ KOA Discussion Group. In no way is this page officially related to or maintained by KOA (the corporation) nor is it endorsed by that entity.

Work at KOA

KOA maintains a secure website where members of Work at KOA may provide resumés that can be seen by managers/owners of individual campgrounds. Likewise, managers/owners may post openings at campgrounds to which those in the program for KOA Work Kampers may make application. Typically, jobs posted will be for couples. However, some positions are also available for singles. Positions are more widely available during the summer camping season than during the winter months.

Job openings may include the following:
  • Registration/Store (greeting guests, answering calls, selling merchandise, providing information)
  • Maintenance (includes escorting guests to campsite, assistance with other needs, and upkeep of grounds),
  • and Housekeeping (cleaning of cabins and restrooms/bath houses).
Hours worked vary. Typically, however, jobs are based on 40 hours per week with all hours paid. Campgrounds do provide a site for workers in which to park their RV for the season. There is no universally accepted or set fee that is recognized across the system.

All KOAs in the USA and Canada are open during the summer camping season (the middle of May through early September, at a minimum). Locations across the southern part of the USA will, in general, be open year-round. In addition, select locations do operate year-round where the campground’s water supply and infrastructure can accommodate freezing temperatures. Workers, of course, are needed when the campground is open. Some positions run for one season while other may require an engagement of a full year. In the event of a change in personnel, campgrounds will advertise for vacancies that occur. Most often, these openings are only to complete the existing season.

Looking for More Information?

Go here to read what KOA has to say.

To totally engage in the experience of working at KOA seasonally, join the KOA Work Kamper program at

Follow these steps to start your membership and begin your job search:
  1. Go to
  2. Complete the registration information, which includes creating a password that is secure but easy for you to remember. Enter your credit or debit card information.
  3. Review the confirmation page, which includes your unique Work Kamper number (WK#). Record this information.
  4. Log in using your Work Kamper information. You will find the Work Kamper Login box along the left side of the website.
  5. Create your resume on the Your Resume tab once logged in. This gives hiring managers an overview of your past work experience and skills that may line up with available job openings.
  6. Search for available jobs at locations that appeal to you. This is your chance to find out what's available and narrow down your location.

Its a quick, easy process that gives you full access to job postings and the opportunity to create your own resumé on the site. You'll be able to find opportunities in addition to discovering more fun and exciting adventures.