Examples of Customized Data Management Solutions

This page displays some screen images and brief descriptions of work done as a FileMaker developer. To view my pricing schedule, please look under the Computer Clients tab for Services and Fees.-

Donor/Solicitor Tracking

Expressed Need - A private school in Louisville actually teaches philanthropy to their students and has them get engaged in the process of soliciting gifts from donors. The process of tracking information had been done in a variety of spreadsheets with little or no control over a simple reporting process.

Delivered - Though looking simple on the surface, this data management system delivers a somewhat robust method of tracking the donations by relating them to the donor and the student solicitor. A simple navigation system, using the icons to the upper right of the screen, guides the user around the system. Several reports are available that print out individual or grouped information in a logical manner. Since this solution uses FileMaker Pro 12, reports can be sent to PDF or to an Excel spreadsheet. The system is suitable for use on a Windows or Mac computer or on an Apple iPad mini using FileMaker's mobile application.

The opening screen from which to launch the tracking system

Home Screen

Solicitor's data entry screen

Solicitor Screen

Client Waiting List

Expressed Need - A Pediatric Occupational Therapist need a system for managing clients on a waiting list. The solution needed to facilitate matching available times of therapist with requested time as stated by parents. During the process of development other desires developed including a method of tracking communication as well as a way of keeping notes.

Delivered - The stated need of the therapy center was met in addition to providing a method of flagging followup dates and notes.

The primary data entry screen

Administrator’s list view

Early Learner Profile

Expressed Need - A public school district wanted a web-oriented system that would allow teachers to develop and maintain information for measuring progress of preschoolers in accordance with state standards in 41 areas. Teachers would only be allowed to access information related to their own students. Administrators, of course, need to see all information plus summarized data by teacher and school as well as the whole district’s summarized totals.

Delivered - What evolved was a system that meets the basic needs of the district while providing a more easily used system. The solution is based on deploying FileMaker Server Advanced for web access by IWP (instant web publishing) to teachers when they are away from their computers. When at their computers they utilize FMP 10 as a client to work in an even more efficient manner. With a license of FileMaker, teachers can make select a group of students to make notes of observations and select the evaluation level. Administrators access the system using FileMaker Pro version 10 to take advantage of it’s features. The report function provides supports data analysis by teacher and school.

Teacher’s view for entering observations or creating reports

Sample report for the Winter period.

Sample cross-tab report comparing entry and exit data.

Comprehensive Data Management System

Expressed Need - A not-for-profit organization that provides educational programs designed to nurture appreciation for one of our national parks needed a totally integrated data management system for tracking registrations, payments, class offerings, donor management, employee information, and board information. The organization was using several FileMaker databases but none of them were related in any manner.

Delivered - The primary task was to create a system that linked people, organizations, programs, payments, contributions, gifts-in-kind, pledges, and employee information to eliminate confusion while supporting multiple users. The new system involved the creation of a modular system with access facilitated by a dashboard, the use of privilege sets for enhanced security, a graphically attractive user interface that is color coded, and a structure in which all relationships are based on people. The comprehensive system utilizes FileMaker Pro Server.

The Dashboard directs users to the proper module for use as well as authentication.

Form view for Programs with tabbed interface and QuickSearch capability

Form view for People with tabbed interface and QuickSearch capability

List view for displaying summary information. Note the use of the QuickSearch capability
in addition to being able to quickly select a range of names for display

Form view for managing school-based events, invoicing, communication, etc.

Form view for managing donors and related information including a method of flagging
records requiring follow-up activity