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About Byron

I've always enjoyed helping people. The first 40% of my professional career I was engaged as a music and education minister in two, Kentucky churches. The last 60% I've worked with educators to become more effective in using their computers and the networks of which they are a part. Along the way I've had the good fortune of being an employee of Apple, Inc. in addition to serving Fourier Systems as an Educational Specialist. Most recently I retired from seven years as an adjunct professor and writing consultant at Jefferson Community and Technical College.

Today, as an independent consultant, I'm able to continue helping people be more effective in the use of their computers though the focus of most work is in providing database design and consulting in FileMaker Pro Advanced, a cross-platform a development environment for creating relational data management systems. With FileMaker, users can make use of their Windows or Mac computers as well as iOS devices such as the iPad or iPhone. No other database development environment does what FileMaker can do.

And if that isn't enough, I also do graphic design. Be sure to check out the pages that provide examples of my work. If you look carefully, you’ll notice a particular interesting in motorhomes and in traveling the US in such an RV.

I’m confident that I can assist you whether you're an individual struggling to figure things out, work in a small or home office, are part of a medium-sized company, or affiliated with an educational institution. Contact me. We’ll determine what’s best for you or your organization. After all, it's about being empowered to be your best.