Development with a Personal Touch

In 2006 Byron Songer entered the independent consulting business. The goal was that of making his expertise available to a customer base in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Since then his attention expanded to supporting FileMaker, a relational data management system, and broadening his horizons in graphic illustrations. This led to supporting the web presence of non-profit organizations and small cities. Though he and his wife are now now living full-time in their Class A motorhome (which has allowed them to see much of the USA more intently), he is still available to provide support to a broad clientele connected to the Internet.

Now managing web sites and providing graphics for
RV organizations and small businesses.

Graphic Illustrations
Need an illustration for a web site or a document of professional caliber and scalable quality? Don't want to pay "an arm and a leg" for one? Take a look at the samples provided here and decide for yourself regarding their clarity and quality. Byron uses Adobe Illustrator to create the scalable, vector artwork. He’s also contributes to Open Clip Art Library. Open Clip Art Library (OCAL) is the largest, collaborative community that creates, shares and remixes clipart. All clipart is released to the public domain and may be used in any non-commercial project for free with no restrictions. Search on "bnsonger47" under the Artists tab for illustrations that have been posted.

FileMaker Development
FileMaker Pro is simply the finest database development environment available; offering flexibility, economy, speed and extensibility with native design characteristics. Who needs a database solution? Any institution that tracks lots of data and needs a way to manage it or get meaningful reports from it. He has helped small agencies as well as larger school systems by developing solution-oriented data management systems.

Byron provides professional FileMaker development services to a variety of organizations in the USA. School systems, professional service providers and non-profits around the country are using systems engineered by Byron. Location isn't an issue. Broadband speeds provide an avenue for realtime voice and video communication supporting the ability to access your environment remotely using technologies such as VNC. Byron can be right there with you in your environment or you can be with Byron by using Skype.

Cross-Platform Support (Apple and Windows)

As an experienced systems support person, Byron is qualified to provide assistance to individuals, small businesses and enterprise organizations when it comes to productivity applications, workflow issues and networking challenges. He has a significant history as a wireless specialist with respect to local area networking and wireless broadband applications.

Though Byron has focused on the needs of customers in the greater Louisville area, he is able to provide services throughout the United States when it comes to FileMaker support and logo/business marketing development.

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